Red hair color is understandably one of the most outstanding and will turn heads wherever you go. Considering only about 2% of the world’s population is born natural red heads, maintaining this hair color requires quite an effort. A popular style that most people go for is the cherry coke hair color. It is an ideal choice that falls somewhere between red and dark brown. There are various things to consider when looking to adopt the trending cherry coke hair color. Here are a few insights to help you out.

Choose the right color color for your hair

Since there are several options for the cherry coke hair color, finding a tress that will blend perfectly with your complexion and style should be no problem. Make use of subtle touches that produce a harmonized look unless you want something that literally stands out in contrast to everything else.

Take advantage of color variation

One good thing about cherry coke hair color is that you can enliven the appearance by adding hints of burgundy, brown or even purple pigments. This is ideal especially if you are going for a fully vibrant cherry coke hair color. Simply go for the best combination. You can find inspirations online to create your own style.

Maintain your hair regularly

As aforementioned, red hair shade requires regular maintenance as it fades away faster than others. You will need to frequently retouch your cherry coke hair color to maintain the bright sizzling appearance.

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  1. Letha thornburg April 26, 2018

    Dark red hair color with champagne highlights


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